XVII Congress of the Polish Society of Experimental and Clinical Immunology

28-30 May 2020

Medical University of Białystok, Poland

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

On behalf of the Board of the Polish Society of Experimental and Clinical Immunology and the Białystok Chapter of the Society, we would like to cordially invite you to the 17th Congress of the Polish Society of Experimental and Clinical Immunology which will take place in Białystok on 28-30 May 2020, on the premises of the Medical University of Białystok. The venue of the Congress will be the historical Branicki Palace and the state-of-the-art Euroregional Center of Pharmacy, located in the heart of the city and surrounded by a beautiful garden and a park.

Together with acclaimed experts from Poland and abroad, and all attendants of the Congress, we will create an interesting scientific programme including the latest developments in basic and clinical immunology tackling such issues as primary and secondary immunodeficiencies, congenital immunodeficiency, immunoregulation, autoimmune and autoinflammatory diseases, cancer immunology and immunotherapy, immunology in personalized medicine, reproductive immunology, immunology of aging, immunotoxicology, but also the history and the future of Polish immunology. The programme will also include sessions on allergology and the methods of allergen immunotherapy".

Our Congress will be graced with the attendance and a special session of the Board of European Federation of Immunological Societies (EFIS) which gathers virtually all European immunological societies.

We are looking forward to your active participation in the Congress and interesting propositions for lectures and poster presentations. We hope that the Congress will be a successful and productive event of high scientific value, and will have a positive impact on the progress in immunology.

Staying in the capital of the Podlasie region will allow you to learn he local culture and customs, and experience exceptional hospitality during a variety of social functions and events accompanying the Congress.

Scientific Committee Chair

Professor Jacek M. Witkowski, MD, PhD, DSc
President of the Polish Society of Experimental and Clinical Immunology
Head, Department of Physiopathology,
Medical University of Gdańsk

Organizing Committee Co-chairs

Professor Ewa Jabłońska,
Head, Department of Immunology,
Medical University of Białystok

Professor Marcin Moniuszko,
Head, Department of Regenerative
Medicine and Immune Regulation,
Clinical Department of Allergic and Internal Diseases
Medical University of Białystok

Date and place of congress:

28-30 May 2020
Euroregional Center of Pharmacy
ul. Adama Mickiewicza 2d
15-001 Białystok

Polish Society of Experimental
and Clinical Immunology


Rector of the Medical University
of Białystok


Members of the international scientific community who have accepted our invitation

Prof. Tomasz Guzik MD, PhD

Regius Chair of Physiology/Cardiovascular Pathobiology (Institute of Cardiovascular & Medical Sciences) University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK

more informations

Prof. Filomeen Haerynck MD, PhD

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Department of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, Ghent University Hospital, Ghent, Belgium

more informations

Prof. Tamás Fülöp MD, PhD

Assistant Director, Research Centre on Aging; Full Professor, Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Research Centre on Aging, University of Sherbrooke, QC, Canada

more informations

Prof. Yupo Ma MD, PhD

Medical Director of Flow Cytometry Lab Scientific Director of Stem Cell Core, Renaissance School of Medicine, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY, USA

more informations

Prof. Theresa L. Whiteside, PhD

Professor of Pathology, Immunology, and Otolaryngology, University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, Pittsburgh, USA

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Adoptive Cell Therapy
Aging and Immunity
Allergy and Allergen Immunotherapy
Diagnostic Methods in Immunology
Immune Tolerance
Immunity and Stem Cells
Immunoglobulin Therapy
Immunology of Infections
Immunopathology of Respiratory System
Immune Regulation
Inflammasome and Immunity
Innate Immunity
Microbiome and Immune System
Neuroimmunology and Neuroinflammation
Immunology in Personalized Medicine
Primary Immunodeficiencies
Reproductive Immunology
Secondary Immunodeficiences
Tumor Immunology and Tumor Immunotherapy
Vaccines and Vaccination
Veterinary and Comparative Immunology


Accommodation can be purchased during making electronical registration.

Hotel Gołębiewski Bialystok

Pałacowa 7 Street, 15-064 Białystok

+48 85 678 25 00

Attention: the number of rooms is limited

May 27–30, 2020 (3 nights)
Single room – 810 PLN
A bed in a double room – 480 PLN

We recommend accommodation in hotels nearby

Aristo Białystok Hotel (***)

Jana Kilińskiego 15 Street, 15-089 Białystok

+48 85 740 89 00


Esperanto Hotel (***)

Legionowa 10 Street, 15-099 Białystok

+48 85 740 99 00


Ibis Styles Białystok Hotel (***)

Józefa Piłsudskiego 25 Avenue, 15-444 Białystok

+48 85 877 25 00


Best Western Hotel Cristal (****)

Lipowa 3 Street, 15-424 Białystok

+48 85 749 61 00


Abstract submission


Abstract Submission Deadline: 29th February, 2020

Please consider the following guidelines, information, tips, terms and deadlines mentioned.

Please mind that final decision about assigning your presentation to one of the topics, as well as about its final form (oral/poster) is at the discretion of the Scientific Committee.

ATTENTION INVITED GUEST LECTURERS: The invited guests are kindly asked to provide their abstracts according to the following guidelines. However, the abstracts do not have to be structured.

Programme topics:

1. Adoptive Cell Therapy
2. Aging and Immunity
3. Allergology
4. Allergen Immunotherapy
5. Autoimmunity and Autoinflammation
6. Bacteriophages and Immunity
7. Current Advancements in Basic Immunology
8. Diagnostic Methods in Immunology
9. Immune Tolerance
10. Immunity and Stem Cells
11. Immunogenetics in Personalized Therapy
12. Immunoglobulin Therapy
13. Immunology in Personalized Medicine
14. Immunology of Infection

15. Immunology of Reproduction
16. Immunopathology
17. Immunoregulation
18. Immunotoxicology
19. Innate Immunity in Protection of Barrier and Internal Organs
20. Innate Immunity in Cancer
21. Primary Immunodeficiencies
22. Rheumatology
23. Secondary Immunodeficiences
24. Tumor Immunology and Tumor Immunotherapy
25. Varia
26. Vaccinations in Immunocompromised
27. Veterinary and Comparative Immunology
28. Viral Immunology

Abstract Structure

1. Your abstract should be submitted in English,
2. Font: Times New Roman, size: 12, space between lines 1.5,
3. The limit of characters for the abstract is from 1000 to 2500 characters (including spaces),
4. Your abstract can not contain photos, drawings, charts or tables,
5. Your abstract must include:
- Title
- Name(s) of the author(s),
- Affiliation(s) of the author(s),
- Background,
- Methods,
- Results,
- Conclusion.

Once you prepared your abstract according to the above guidelines:

• go to the www.ptidik2020-bialystok.pl ('abstracts' tab) and register your abstract,
• place the content in the "remarks",
• after submission you will be acknowledged of the receipt of the abstract via an email within a few minutes after registration.

Abstract Submission Results

• You will be acknowledged about the decision of the Scientific Committee via an email by 30th April, 2020.


Scientific committee

Chairman of the Scientific Committee – President of Polish Society of Experimental and Clinical Immunology:

Jacek M. Witkowski, MD, PhD – Medical University of Gdańsk

Organizational committee

Chairman of the Organizing Committee:

Ewa Jabłońska MD, PhD – Medical University of Białystok
Marcin Moniuszko MD, PhD – Medical University of Białystok


Contact for sponsors and exibitors:

Milena Witkowska

+48 881 091 323



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Address: Łowicka 51/20, 02-535 Warszawa
phone: +48 22 646 41 50
NIP: 521-354-19-75

Bank account number: PL 80 1090 2590 0000 0001 2396 5915

e-mail: biuro@med-media.pl


Milena Witkowska

+48 881 091 323



Polish Society of Experimental and Clinical Immunology